Phasmophobia in Minecraft is Nearly Done!

After several months of work, Phasmophobia in Minecraft is close to being ready for a public release! I'll discuss what to expect in the release as well as my plans for the future.

NeoMc, February 10th, 2021


As a quick reminder to those who haven't kept up, I've been working to design Phasmophobia in Minecraft 1.16.4 using only a behavior and resource pack. The map itself is going to play very similar to the regular game with only a handful of minor tweaks and changes!


Current State

The map is currently playable, but not fully bug-tested! I finished coding the last of the ghost behaviors last week, and I am just doing some final checks to ensure everything is fine and balanced. Unfortunately, I am currently waiting for audio assets from my sound designer Korus/Shifty. He has been quite busy, and as a result I have had to postpone multiple expected release dates as I twiddle my thumbs waiting for the final audio to implement.

Despite the delays, the map is still going to be absolutely insane once it comes out! I've spent a crazy amount of time writing the items and behavior systems, and the end result is hundreds of files full of code!


The project team has been working hard and long to ensure this map delivers, and I could not be more excited to present the final map once it is done. I also need to shout out Miah from my Discord server for helping assist in designing the art assets, especially the Items Board and the Contract Map. She is a very artistically-gifted individual and her insights have resulted in a much better result than what I would have created alone!

Firstlook Stream

Stay tuned to my Discord for updates! Once the audio is implemented and the ghost design team finishes their work for the first update (16bitboy and Zaiden Sharp), I will be hosting a firstlook stream. During this time I will play Tanglewood in its entirety with some friends of mine and discuss the map, along with some plans for an update or two. We hope this stream will drum up some excitement for the final result!


Phasmophobia Updates

The current plan is to release two additional updates to the map: one delivering four new locations and some new items, and the other delivering a few more locations. The rough ETA for the first update would be April. Also, the second update may or may not happen depending on the reception of this map.


Future Plans

For Minecraft, this may possibly be my last Minecraft map, but don't worry! I plan to start studying UE4 with the intent to release some custom stand-alone games soon! I haven't planned heavily on the kind of games I will be designing yet, so stay tuned for more information.

In the real world, I am currently awaiting my fate for a job I applied to that I really want to get. I expect to hear back sometime next week. I also have finished rehab for my knee, turns out I did not need surgery. I will be working over the next year to strengthen my knees and get back to my regular activities, but only time will tell.