The new and improved NeoMc website is now live!

After a couple weeks of development and testing, the new and improved NeoMc website is now live! The new website features new styles, designs, and plenty of clean assets!

NeoMc, September 1st, 2020


I've messed with websites before, but never before have I been this happy with the end result. This site showcases vivid colors and a much brighter color scheme than my old site!

What's new?

For the most part, nothing really! I did add a "News" and "Blog" section to the website, giving me a chance to post updates and space to write my own blogs. The primary goal of this re-code was to make the site feel more like a professional template (and less of a high school project)!

I've also cleaned up my "Other Pages" tab in the menu to feel more organized. Also, the map pages look astronomically better than they used to!

You didn't code this...

No, no I did not. This site is actually a premium template written by Webinning for the Bootstrap Market called "Square." A lot of the site came assembled, but I reimagined some of the page layouts to better serve my specific needs.

I also hand-coded some of the bonus features, such as the clean video on the home page and the animated logo. I personally like how much life movement brings to a website; it's a principle I was taught quite firmly in college. One of the main differences between Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 is how much more creative freedom people bring forth in Web 2.0. People are creating bright and aesthetically-pleasing sites that look and feel cleaner than back in the early 2000s! If your visitors don't feel refreshed after checking out your website... well, you've done something wrong!

The old website was good, but not great.

Final thoughts

I just want to say again how much I appreciate the support everyone is showing me on my maps and content. I'd also like to thank the members of my Discord server for helping me get fresh and new pictures and videos of my maps for the new pages! A special thanks also goes out to the Webinning support team for helping me fix some of the pesky errors created due to me having to learn a new development environment!

I hope you all enjoy the new website!