Lazr: Out on the Minecraft Marketplace now!

Dodge deadly lasers and survive for as long as you can! How long will you last?

Check it out now on the Minecraft Marketplace!

NeoMc, August 25th, 2020


Lazr is a fast-paced minigame that challenges players to watch all around them to avoid beams of deadly energy from piercing their body! Lasers can fire along either the X or the Y axis at any moment in time and it is up to you to avoid being hit! How long can you survive this increasing threat?

Lasers all around!

Live at last!

Lazr has been under development for nearly 6 months, mostly delayed due to college work and several other challenges. This map features thousands of lines of code and crazy creative passion!

I also introduce over 100 different cosmetics for players to unlock! These include:

  • Laser styles - Don't like the laser color or type? Why not swap it to smiley faces or boats?
  • Board styles - Sometimes concrete can look boring. Try sponge instead, it is structurally sound!
  • Elim effects - When you eventually get hit, a glorious particle display of fire will fly forth. What flowers or fish flew forth instead?
  • Platform styles - Stone brick patterns are lame, I'd rather play on a cake.

A pink board style with cake laser
style and cake platform.


There is so much to do! Increase your own experience level to unlock cosmetics, or bring your friends and try to max your group level! Play on four different custom maps with 12 different gamemodes to choose from! Visit the cosmetics plaza and listen to DJ Parrot's mixtape!

The confetti-filled cosmetics plaza!

I hope you guys enjoy my second major Marketplace release! If you enjoy the map or have any questions/concerns, reach out to me via my Discord and I'll try to help!