Ghost Hunting & Chunk Running!

Did somebody say ghostbusters?! I have now officially begun to work on two projects simultaneously, Phasmophobia in Minecraft & a Chunk Runner remake for the Marketplace!

NeoMc, November 9th, 2020


To those who have been waiting, I've got big news! I'm making another free Java Minecraft map! I will be remaking Phasmophobia in Vanilla Minecraft (using only a resource pack)!

Tanglewood Street House - Designed by Reigio

Phasmophobia in Minecraft

I am thrilled to announce that I will be working on recreating the viral game by Kinetic Games into vanilla Minecraft! To the best of my ability, the recreation will remain faithful to the original game with only a few minor changes!

The list of features (as of now) that will be available in the launch are:

  • All 12 ghosts - All twelve ghosts present in the game will be available in the remake (with their behaviors and powers taken into account)!
  • Experimental items and ghosts - I will be adding some extra content of my own! There will be an experimental switch in the menu which will allow you to use custom additional items I've designed (such as the Activity Tablet or the Master Key) or to hunt for new ghosts of my creation (such as a Dybbuk or Stafie)!
  • 3 ghost models - Designed by the talented ItsZender, these models will help remind you that the ghost isn't here to play around! There are plans to add an additional 2-3 models in a post-release update!
  • 3 houses to hunt in - Reigio has recreated three of the classic houses from the game: Tanglewood Street House, Edgefield Street House, and Grafton Farmhouse. We have plans to add several more locations (namely a Haunted Mansion, Sewer System etc.) in a post-release update!

Grafton Farmhouse - Designed by Reigio
  • Key items - All of the key ghost-hunting items (thermometer, spirit box, etc.) used to collect evidence will be present in the game!
  • Money system - The current plan is to represent an objectives system similar to the original game (with new objectives) and the players can use the money they earn to buy more equipment. There will most likely not be a level system. However, these decisions are still being drafted.

Nursery - Tangelwood Streethouse
Featuring a Mounted Video Camera model by NeoMc
  • Custom voice acting - PurpleVacktor has agreed to voice the ghost (spirit box + hunting voice lines), and ShiftyFishy/Korus has agreed to help with the sound design!
  • Custom interactions - In this version, the ghost will have a few more things they can do then flicking lights or messing with doors. There will be a slew of items they can interact with, such as smashing plates or playing music through a record player!
  • Secondary items - MOST of the current in-game secondary items (like the crucifix, motion sensor, and salt shaker) will be included!

Tanglewood Street House
Main hallway featuring a few models made by NeoMc

Overall, this is going to be a legit map! I am looking forward to the closed beta which should be available sometime around late November to a group of chosen testers! For more information, please be sure to join my Discord!

Chunk Runner is coming to the Marketplace

As of a couple days ago, all of the builds are finished for Chunk Runner and I am now on to the development phase! I'll be adding a bunch of my own levels first, then it is off to the (coding) races we go!

The Chunk Runner levels "database!"

I look forward to the closed beta for this map as well!

Downloads moved to Drive

As of today, all of my maps are now hosted via Google Drive. The primary reason for this change was in anticipation of traffic for the release of Phasmophobia in Minecraft! This should free up bandwidth on the site for the future!

I hope everyone is as excited as I am for these two projects! In the real world, I am actively applying to jobs and may possibly have an offer in the next few weeks (which may limit time, but that isn't bad at all)! I also may be having a knee surgery (delamination cartilage injury to my right knee) due to an injury I sustained while in High School, so I might be out of commission for a day or two! Fingers crossed everything goes well!

If you have any questions or want to share some thoughts or ideas, be sure to join my Discord!