"Can you complete this bonkers obstacle course?!"

Back in 2013, I made a Wipeout recreation map under my old alias! I figured it was decent enough to repost on my website!

Are you quick? Agile? Can you take a punch to the gut and keep going? If you answered yes to any of these questions, YOU are a perfect fit for this crazy-bananas-bonkers-wacky obstacle course!

Complete with all four working courses, Wipeout is a map like no other! Your objective is to make it from the starting line to the finish line of each course as quickly as possible! Dodge piston punches, parkour over crazy obstacles, and bounce off of big balls! In fact, Wipeout is the only place where you can say "I was bouncing on big balls!" and not look like a creep!

Note: The timer is not accurate. It was a timer I "borrowed" that was built way back before the adventure update of Minecraft. I'd just google "timer" and hit start on that instead!


Map by NeoMc
Play in any Minecraft Version 1.8.1+ | Supports 1+ Players

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