The Darkness Within


"It all ends here!"

Driven by greed, our wonderful Neo and Epic decided to sell the innocent trollers' locations to the demon of evil that is "The Darkness!" This evil demon decided to give them a chance... Could they learn to be friends again? Could the mental damage done by trolling be repaired? He decided to test their bonds...

The Darkness designed five trials to test their bonds. The challenges were designed to test their ability to resist troll temptation, be honest with each other, come to a common consensus on disagreements, work together, and to have each other's backs. But for good measure, he decided to force them into it by kidnapping the heroes' beloved!

Will the heroes survive? Will they succumb to the darkness deep within their hearts? Find out!


Map by NeoMc & EpicElite3
Play in Minecraft 1.9.4 | Supports 2 Players

Additional Credits

EpicElite3 - Helped make the map with me YouTube
YoDawg - LakeShore build
Waterced1 - Trophy model YouTube
IJAMinecraft - Freaky skull texture for "The Darkness" YouTube
Zori3d - 3D weapon textures Website

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