"Mine for ores in the massive generated region!"

You have about eight minutes to dig around the 100 x 100 x 25 dimensioned map for ore! The map is self-generated by redstone (using a load of redstone) and features a map randomizer that never gives you the same map twice! Also, the diamond pick has mega-breaking speeds!

The blocks spawn at set amounts on every level! That means you can find diamond (and all other ores) on the lowest and highest levels! Note: When the map generates a fresh mining map, it takes about 3 minutes to finish. I suggest you come on, press the generate button, then fool around and come back in a few mins! Remember, I have to "hand-set" the ores using a random system and then set ores and stone!


Map by NeoMc
Play in Minecraft 1.8.1 | Supports 1+ Players