Slap Fight


"Use items given by the spinning wheel to win the pvp fight!"

Welcome to the craziest pvp fight you will ever play! Fight your enemies using random items given to you randomly from a spinning wheel to murder, sledge, and gruesomely gore your opponents! If the game goes on for more than a minute, then some special help comes to speed things up.

The map comes with 257 random items programmed in, ranging from random miscellaneous items like a potato or potion to actual tools and weapons. I even mixed in a missing texture block and a golden apple! The wheel first displays the twelve items selected to be placed up for distribution, then it sends players to boxes facing wool pillars and the wheel will spin. Whatever color comes to a stop in front of the box you are in is what you get! If there was a potato on the red wool and you spun that, then you'd better hope nobody else gets a sword...


Map by NeoMc
Play in Minecraft 1.8.8 | Supports 2-12 Players