"Unscramble the complicated puzzle as quickly as you can!"

Scramble is a game based weakly on an old idea I had back in the day! In Scramble, the idea is to take the messed-up word you see up on the board and reorder it correctly on the gold board in front of you! You are awarded points equal to how much time was left in the round!

There are a total of 255 possible puzzles that can be generated from the system, each of which ranges in difficulty, character length, and concept. Can you guess them all? Scramble also comes with 5 different themes! There is a Pokemon theme, Food theme, Animals theme, Christmas theme, and Minecraft theme! Each features 255 different possible puzzles included! Plenty of fun for everyone!

If playing with more than one player, the game will automatically (magically) add them as a player. There is no spectate mode, so you can have at most five people playing!


Map by NeoMc
Play in Minecraft 1.8.8 | Supports 1-5 Players

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