"Memory is the key to winning this game!""

Pixelate is all about memory! Paintings that are 8x6 in dimension will be shown with 20 seconds to digest them! Then you have 60 seconds to rebuild exactly what you saw! Points are awarded (5 per correct) for every block you match! After five rounds the player with the highest score wins the game! With 200 possible paintings, the fun is nearly limitless!

The game either selects a painting for you or allows a random player to pick out a painting from a menu! There are also settings in the menu to enable some nifty lobby effects and toggle into and out of the game!

There is a resource pack included in the map! For Singleplayer it is loaded and ready to go, but for a Multiplayer game you will need to have all players right-click on the Resource Pack sign, right-click on the green chat message, and download/install the pack!

There is a feature added to allow for "jump pillars" so that when you are trying to reach high up places on the board, you can simply jump up on a pillar and hold shift to go down a block at a time. It is extremely over-precise in Singleplayer, so I do not suggest using it solo. Don't forget there is a "Enable Platform" button that spawns in a raised platform (like the sculptors use) to stand on to easily reach the highest few blocks!


Map by NeoMc
Play in Minecraft 1.9.0 | Supports 1-8 Players

Additional Credits

Masterore77, Jayjo, Zoeth & Cooneybug for contributing paintings

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