Murder (Run From the Killer)


"Now you too can play Murder!"

Murder (Run From the Killer) was a series I adapted after a glowing review of a "Friday the 13th" recreation I designed for some large content creators! Upon request, the idea was brought back a couple of times before being completely revamped as it's own series!

Each week a new theme is introduced along with a new map and traps designed specifically for the series. Due to the sheer number of traps, I cannot guarantee updates to this copy with tons of new traps...

In this edition, I feature 20 of the most iconic traps in the series and an array of 7 playing maps to enjoy from talented friends of mine such as Dennisbuilds and NeoGames community members!

So enjoy running, screaming, and plenty of spooks in this public-remake of the on-going Murder series!

This does not require a modpack! The traps and maps were adapted to fit into a vanilla world.


Map by NeoMc
Play in Minecraft 1.12.2 | Supports 2+ Players (3+ Recommended)

Additional Credits

DennisBuilds - Playing maps YouTube
MCFilms - Lobby decorations YouTube
StrykerTX & GoatZ - Extra playing maps (community submissions)

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