Man Vs Myth


"Fight with your friends against the all-mighty Herobrine!"

Man Vs Myth is a team versus player styled game based after the TF2 server mod VS Saxton Hale. The general idea of the game is that one player is a boss who has the objective to kill all opposing players; likewise from the players' side the goal is to eliminate Herobrine. Herobrine has a 3-hit kill sword and a huge health boost, as well as a superjump ability! The players have powers and abilities based after their TF2 class styles ranging from flamethrowers to miniguns and even stickybombs! Who will emerge victorious?

The map comes with a resource pack that is optional. The map looks more interesting when you use it! Also, the classes aren't explained at all during the map other than a quick explanation message right when the game starts! Check out the complete guide using the link to the side to learn how to use each class! Before the game starts, be sure to set the Herobrine health option. Simply press one of the level buttons on the wall to the right of the start button. Failure to do this can result in an extremely weak Herobrine. I recommend setting the level equal to how many players are on the server!

The Resource Pack is optional, but not necessary for gameplay! A huge pdf document was written for your usage as well, listing class powers, maps, backstory, and more! This map is for 3-10 players, and should be played on Easy difficulty. The game is more interesting the more players there are! If the game stops for some reason with everyone in the nether room, paste this command to fix everything!
/setblock -671 38 -307 redstone_block


Map by NeoMc
Play in Minecraft 1.8.7 | Supports 3-10 Players