"Be the last player alive! Blow up the arena and swat your enemies off the level to win!"

In this original and crazy pvp game, players are spawned onto unique maps and given weak whacking sticks and bows. Using these weapons (and some epic SnapCrackers and FyreCrackers) players must knock other players off of the level and attempt to be the last one standing! Endless fun awaits all who dare to fight!

SnapCrackers: A bow and arrow. The bow is used to launch the SnapCrackers. SnapCrackers blow up upon hitting a block.
FyreCrackers: Are given to a random living player every 100 seconds. These beauties set off a massive 24-block tnt explosion in the shape of a star and are used to speed up the game and wreck the map!

Make sure your chat is enabled and its height is maxed at 180 px. Make sure the width is also maxed! The scale can vary, I recommend leaving it at at least 3/4ths the way up!

The map contains passwords which can be used to unlock new stuff! Here is a free one on me: "ghostly"!


Map by NeoMc
Play in Minecraft 1.8.1 | Supports 2-10 Players