Craft Royale

The epic mobile game comes to Minecraft in 2v2 form! Select eight cards from sixteen possible and use them to win the battle! Deploy troops to defend your towers and try to build pushes to take down the enemy! The team that destroys the most towers wins!

Minecraft Java: 1.11.2

Play in this version of Minecraft only. Playing the map in other versions of Minecraft can/will result in bugs.

2 or 4 Players

This map is designed for multiplayer. You must play with either two or four players, odd numbers aren't supported.

Command Blocks: On

In order for this map to work correctly, you must have command blocks turned on in your server settings!


Watch the Craft Royale trailer!


Welcome to the arena challengers! Craft Royale is a parody map based on the viral mobile sensation from Supercell that pits players against each other in epic 1v1 or 2v2 battles to destroy the enemy towers! Deploy troops to attack enemy towers or to stop incoming forces! Use spells to wittle down enemy troops and to damage towers. Once an enemy tower is destroyed, the King tower will activate their cannons! When time is up, the team that destroyed the most towers will emerge victorious. If there is a tie, you enter sudden death!

To pick your deck, head into the castle building and choose eight cards from the deck (and place them in your hotbar). Make sure each player has a full hand of unique cards (each player using their own chest) before you begin. Deploying troops costs elixir, which slowly builds as time passes. At 60s left, the elixir bar charges twice as fast!

This map has a couple of things you need to be careful of:

  • Please do not SPAM cards in your cycle. Play them as you get enough elixir to.
  • Do not steal cards from other people's chests!
  • Do not deploy into the river, your troops will drown instantly!
  • Do not deploy cards while standing inside your partner, this may cause glitches!
  • Deploying troops directly on top of other enemy troops may cause targeting issues. We recommend deploying to the sides.
  • Do not deploy anything directly ON TOP of any tower, just drop it in front!
  • This map may be played BOTH as either 1v1 or 2v2!

Both Brozzy and I wrote the code for this map! As follows is an explanation of who handled what:

NeoMc wrote the troop behavior logic code (what to attack, how to attack, attack firing animations & damage recording, death effects), programmed the tower firing mechanism and visuals, wrote a failsafe in case troops lose interest when crossing a bridge, formatted the colors, and wrote additional failsafes in case any troop goes static.
Brozziest built the massive arena you play in, wrote the card randomization and cycle systems, wrote the timekeeping systems, coded the overtime and end conditions, and programmed the tower/king explode effects.


Play in Minecraft 1.11.2 with either two or four players! The map will not let you start unless that condition is met.



Project Lead/Code


Royal Arena Build and Code


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