Chunk Runner

Chunk Runner

"Can you survive a moving parkour course?"

In Chunk Runner, you must parkour while only being able to cross one chunk of the level at a time. Every so often, a slice of the level spawns in front while a slice in the back is taken away. You must keep moving through the course quickly, or you will meet the void! Not to mention, the game progressively begins to speed up...

There are a total of 75 different levels that have a random chance of being spawned in to parkour across! Some are nice, while some are truly evil! Not to mention some of them are impossible if the game speeds up too much!

So can you parkour under this kind of pressure? Why don't we find out?!


Map by NeoMc
Play in Minecraft 1.11.2 | Supports 1+ Players

Additional Credits

FantomLX - Helping design parkour levels for the map YouTube
iWacky - Helping design a few parkour levels for the map and designing the lobby Twitter

Chunk Runner Chunk Runner Chunk Runner Chunk Runner Chunk Runner