"An archery fight like no other!"

In this fast-paced game, your objective is to snipe the enemy team into their plinko board! If you shoot players off the opposing platform, they will enjoy an explosive trip down their plinko board! Where they land determines how many points your team is awarded!

Gold - 1 point
Diamond - 2 points
Emerald - 3 points
Purpur - Swaps arrows between NoGravity and Normal

Players will be given walls occasionally which build a small wall (2 blocks high) to provide temporary shelter from enemy fire. A direct shot from an arrow will destroy the wall though!

After five minutes, the team with the most points is declared the winner!


Especially since this map is a new release, I am on the lookout for hidden sneaky bugs! If anything comes up while you play, please either reach out to me on Twitter OR post the problem in the bug fixing reddit here!


Map by NeoMc
Play in Minecraft 1.11.2 | Supports 2+ Players

Additional Credits

iWacky - The retro arcade lobby Twitter
Special thanks to my Beta Discord members for testing!

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