Blast Off


"Use any means possible to blast apart the map and stay alive!"

Welcome to Blast Off, a game all about tnt and destruction (what everyone loves)!

Pick a kit, select a map, and dive into head-to-head insanity! Use your kit powers to rip apart the map and open holes to the void for unlucky players to fall into! Powerups also spawn around the map, so keep your eyes peeled for beams of light! And if things creep on for too long, prepare for a Deathmatch of raining tnt!

Oh and by the way, nearly all powerups are place and run powerups. In simple terms, don't stick around to find out what happens!

The last player standing at the end of the chaos wins the game!

This map is designed to be a "sequel" to Fyrecracker!

If you see the below message in the console window of your server, DON'T panic! This occurs when a playing map is loaded from a structure block!


IMPORTANT! Some of the powerups can make servers think you are using fly hacks (too funny right?! XD). I highly recommend finding the line allow-flight in your file and changing it to "true" to avoid any issues!



Especially since this map is a new release, I am on the lookout for hidden sneaky bugs! If anything comes up while you play, please either reach out to me on Twitter OR post the problem in the bug fixing reddit here!


Map by NeoMc
Play in Minecraft 1.12 | Supports 2+ Players

Additional Credits

iWacky - Designing the main lobby and playing maps Twitter
Masteroreo77 - 3D Map Holograms and playing maps Twitter
Dennisbuilds - Playing maps and Cinematic (as used in trailer) YouTube
ItsZender - Hologram Beam models YouTube
Jayjo - Playing maps
Corey977 - Playing maps
JacobRuby - Playing maps
Team Dracolyte - Playing maps
StianMine - Playing maps

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