After Dusk


"Escape the maze filled with dangerous wendigos..."

After Dusk is a joint project with Masteroreo I have been working on for Halloween. In "After Dusk," the main character is lost in the woods and ends up entering an abandoned mineshaft in the hopes of finding shelter, but instead finds himself hopelessly lost in the tunnels. Then he hears the noises...

The legends all speak of demons of the night that prey on the flesh of humans. Once human themselves, they roam (or better yet, crawl) around the tunnels in search of moving prey. If they catch you, then you'd better hope you make a pretty good statue. The maze is filled with Wendigos, creatures that only see movement. If they spot you, try to remain as still as a statue. If you move, then everything is lost.

This map features a cool new technology called Standimation, a concept derived by Masteroreo based around using different armor stands to compose a new entity body and animate it realistically. A program was designed resembling a video editing program by him for usage on the map! He has hinted about possibly remastering the program and releasing it to the public if you people are interested! The program was used to create realistic body movements, lunges, and attack scenes as used in the map!

This map is a little dark. I have seen a lot of Minecraft maps, but this one is based on a game rated mature. So please do not play this map or look into "Until Dawn" if you are younger than 13. Special thanks to Masteroreo for his huge work on Wendigo movement, and Zoeth for helping design the maze!


Map by NeoMc & Masteroreo77
Play in Minecraft 1.8.8 | Supports 1 Player Only