Other/Misc Questions

Other questions I get that aren't related to what I do.

Overwatch, Fall Guys, Slime Rancher, GTAV Online, MarioKart, Pokemon (Sword/Shield, Black & White), Pokemon Go, Brawl Stars, Pokemon Masters, Stardew Valley, Animal Crossing, & more.

My family owns a Wii, which I played with my brothers when I was younger. I used to own a Nintendo DS and 3DS, both are quite old. I do currently own a Nintendo Switch.

Hard to say. In Overwatch, I'm a mid-plat ranked support main. I did place in mid-Diamond in open queue based on my placements, so I like to use that to prove I'm a good player! :)

I've tried out games like Valorant that demand high aim proficiency and I find myself usually the second or third top fragger on the team. I'm nothing special, but still a good shot though.

Mostly electronic based and pop. I like upbeat music, stuff you would dance to. My current favorite artist is for King and Country.

I drive a Toyota. No, it is not a tesla. Someone buy me a tesla please.

Not tall enough. I'm shy of 6 foot, but both of my brothers are taller. My sibling rivalry is a sibling war over my height... I mean, the big brother is actually the shortest brother?!

Every single time I drive on the highway. No joke. I'm terrified of people man.

An actual story I remember was a time my family went to the beach. I was swimming in the water and I saw a really cool looking fish with a frill look to it, almost like a butterfly. I tried to grab it, but it vanished. I then noticed another fish, which looked like a rock. This fish also vanished when I tried to grab it. Both (lionfish and stonefish) were poisonous fish that could have killed me in less than five minutes...

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