Minecraft Questions

These are questions I get all the time about Minecraft. Nothing is stopping you from using Google, but I'll answer them anyway!

Minecraft is a game about creativity. Even in the basic survival mode, players have to build survival shelters! Over the years I've seen Minecraft be used as a platform to help reach the younger generation in a way school can't!

The one thing that gives games life is the creative aspect. If you make a game with a story or a concrete amount of content to complete, it tends to die away the same way plants die if they don't see the sunlight. Allowing your community access into the creative avenue of your game can breathe new life into it!

For Bedrock, you just buy the map on the Marketplace and it will download automatically. You then just create a new world and pick my map as the template.

For Java, see this blog post. Pay attention to the recommended number of players and the version of Minecraft mentioned.

Mapmaking is a very long and complicated process. Firstly, I recommend visiting the "Resources" page on my website and learning about the different commands Minecraft offers and the scoreboard syntax. Learn target selectors too such as @a and @e with parameters. You can always check out existing maps and look around the redstone (and take notes), watch YouTube videos on the topic, or visit Minecraft help Discords for assistance.

There are quite a few differences, but I'll try to simplify it.

Java edition was released by Mojang in 2009, and is still managed by them. This edition allows modding and other similar practices, as well as supports custom map sharing. This edition is only available on computers.

Bedrock edition was released by Mojang, but purchased by Microsoft recently. Microsoft now works on this version, actively updating it to basically serve as a "re-coded" version of Java. Bedrock is available on computers and consoles.

You can buy a Minecraft Realm, pay for a third party server like Nodecraft, use your own router, or borrow one from a third party source like Aternos for free.

Actually, I applied for Realms several times before they said yes. I was a little "overly proud" of an older map, and I was not patient OR understanding at the time. At the request of iWacky and FantomLX (two talented builders who I partnered with), I applied again in 2016 with Chunk Runner. I received strong positive feedback from the Realms reddit and eventually I was invited onboard to tweak and eventually release my map! Later on, I was encouraged (by the same people) to publish Blast Off on Realms as well! At this time, both maps were taken down due to command changes between Minecraft 1.12 and 1.15. I do not know at this time if I will be updating them.

I applied using the form on the Microsoft page. I was contacted in late 2017 by the program staff informing me that I had a strong portfolio and they onboarded me in May of 2018. At this moment in time, I have released several Marketplace products with an average rating of 4.5 stars!

To those of you who are looking for tips, I highly recommend you build a strong portfolio before you apply. In my case, I had a website filled with tons of different game maps I had made over the years as well as a large YouTube channel that showcased my products. I also recommend that you make sure you know what you are getting yourself into before you apply; this isn't as easy as uploading a map and selling. You have to pass an industry-level QA process that demands near perfection from your craft!

For some reason unknown to everyone, Mojang has decided that the coding language they use inside the game feels "incomplete." They have been editing the layout and structure of the commands without allowing their old versions to persist. Leaving backwards compatibility is a common practice in the tech industry, so this decision has left quite a few of us scratching our heads.

For that reason, I recommend you play my maps in the version they state they were made for. If you don't, it isn't my fault if the map doesn't work!

You don't have to buy my new maps (priced between $2 and $5 USD btw), you can always play my library of old Java maps at any time! If you want to support me, I do ask that you consider checking out my Marketplace maps! Donations are always accepted, but buying products allows me to actually hand you a good. I appreciate your support, especially since I am currently trying to save money for a few years so I can make a down payment on a house! :)

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