Lazr (Demo)

"Give this map a whirl!"

See the main map page here for a complete description of the map. Note: I will provide no assistance in installing the demo of this map. It is completely up to you to figure out where in your device the save goes. I highly recommend only playing the demo on a PC (Windows 10 version).


  • 1 playable map
  • 1 Laser Style
  • 1 Board Style
  • 1 Platform Style
  • 1 Elim Effect
  • No levels or experience
  • No achievements
  • 1 playable difficulty
  • 1 game mode
  • No settings board

    Full Version

  • 4 playable maps
  • 30 Laser Styles
  • 30 Board Styles
  • 40 Platform Styles
  • 14 Elim Effects
  • Custom level and experience system
  • Achievements to unlock
  • 5 playable difficulties
  • 12 game modes
  • Access to settings board

Purchase the full version!

If you enjoy the demo, please consider buying the full version of the map to support me! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me on Twitter @NeoMcCreations or join my partnered Discord!