"Watch out! Deadly lasers are being fired at you from all directions!"

You and your friends decided to volunteer as test subjects for a secret military project to test a new experimental laser! It was all fun and games at first, but then little Timmy took a laser to the knee! How long can you survive before you meet lil' Timmy's fate?

In this fast-paced game map, your objective is to stay alive for as long as you can! Lasers will be fired at you from all four directions; it is up to you to evade the dangerous (yet pretty) beams of light! If you so much as graze a laser with a stray finger, it's game over for you!

The longer you survive, the higher your score is! High scores are translated into experience, which can be used to unlock over one hundred different custom cosmetics ranging from laser restyles to some fresh and hip platform changes!


  • 12 different game modes to change the way you play!
    1. Free-For-All - Hop right in with your selected settings! The round ends when all players are eliminated!
    2. Deathmatch - For multiple players, the round ends when one player is left standing!
    3. Tutorial - A short tutorial to walk you through the game.
    4. Party - Fun bonus game modes featuring modifiers to make survival more difficult. Swat away your friends in "Slap Fight" or dodge waves of zombies and skeletons in "Night of the Dead!" The possibilities are endless!
  • A custom experience and leveling system!
    1. Lazr comes with three separate cosmetic systems included! Each system rewards players with sweet cosmetics to change the game!
    2. Exp Levels - As you play the game more and reach higher scores, you will find yourself acquiring experience. The more experience you gain, the higher you will level up. Reaching new level milestones will unlock cosmetics for you and your friends to enjoy! There are a total of 50 exp levels, with the maximum costing almost 44k experience to reach!
    3. Group Levels - The Group Level is tracked by the world when any player earns experience. All individual experience earned in any round is totalled towards your world's Group Level! The more friends you have online, the quicker you will level up! There are 25 Group Levels, with the maximum level costing about 109k exp to reach!
    4. Achievements - Achievements are tasks you are assigned to complete throughout the map! There are a total of 36 different achievements you can unlock, with tasks as simple as "Playing 10 rounds of FFA" to trickier tasks such as "Last 200 seconds on Extreme difficulty!" There are some sweet cosmetics waiting if you can conquer the challenge!
  • Over 100+ cosmetics to unlock!
  • There are four different types of cosmetics in Lazr!

    1. Board Styles - Tired of boring gray surrounding the laser grid? How about you swap it to crafting tables? Or slime blocks?
    2. Laser Styles - Changes the default appearence of the lasers. You can change them to pink hearts, musical notes, or even dancing crabs!
    3. Platform Styles - The platform you play on can be changed to better patterns than just stone brick! How about you step across a pizza or some delicious cake?
    4. Elim Effects - Eventually, you will be hit by a laser. When that happens, you want to make sure you go down in style! Instead of a poof of flames, what if potatoes went flying when you were hit? Or fish?!
  • A handful of settings to modify your game!
    1. Lazr comes with a wide assortment of settings. If you have too many players online, turn on the "Invisibility" setting so players can see again! If you think the game is too easy, try adjusting the "Difficulty" to give yourself a harder challege! Is the GUI system too new for you? Go ahead and swap it back to a boring buttons board! Fiddle with these settings however you see fit!


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Let me know what you think of Lazr! Reach out to me via Twitter or Discord and tell me! I love to see what the community thinks of my creations, and your feedback will be taken into consideration in future maps!

Thanks for all of your support as always!


Map by NeoMc
Builds by dennisbuilds
Terraforming and detail by Jayjo
Animated particles by Nikirin
Snowstorm particle engine (used frequently) written by Jannisx11
Supports 1+ Players

Additional Credits

My Discord alpha testers for finding random bugs I could have never found myself...
Shiftyfishy/Korus for assistance in editing the duration of the music used in the trailer.
Brozziest, ShiftyFishy, Jodru, Jayjo, EJGaming48, Bacon/Aygeless, Theanonymousrory, and Zoeth for helping shoot scenes for the trailer!