"Can you solve the mystery word?"

Back in September of 2014, I released a map by the name of "Hangman" for Minecraft 1.8 (PC). The map was simply designed to be a 1v1 game where one player put a word into the system, and the other guessed it. To date, this simple concept has hundreds of thousands of downloads and millions of views.

I thought it would be fitting to take this original concept and make it the map I always wanted it to be for my Marketplace debut! This map contains loads of new features and additions designed to make it replayable for as long as you wish!


  • 4 Gamemodes - 2 Singleplayer and 2 Multiplayer
    1. Quick Play - Select a category and play against the AI's word! Features 15 categories of words to choose from!
    2. High Stakes - Gamble away your extra guesses (from 8 through 6) for a chance to win more prize money! The AI chooses the word & category and doesn't tell you anything!
    3. Duel - A two player gamemode. Each player enters a word, followed by a 1 on 1 duel to guess the other player's word.
    4. Squads - The classic gamemode! One player enters a word, and the other players try to figure it out!
  • Cosmetics System
    1. Letter Styles - Change the blocks the letters are made out of!
    2. Board Styles - Change the white basic board to a 3D background!
    3. Hats and Clothes - Don't like your skin? Hide it behind some shiny clothes!
    4. Time Controls - Change the time of day to various times such as morning or midnight!
  • Singleplayer Modes
    1. This Hangman features a wordbank of over 2,500 pre-programmed words! Quick Play and High Stakes can also be played with friends if you wish!
  • Passwords
    1. Over time I will reveal some secret passwords! These codes can unlock free cosmetics and money to speed up your fun! Stay tuned via the community Discord for more secrets! If you want a code now, try entering my name into the password bank ;)

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If you enjoy this map, be sure to let me know on my social media(s) such as Twitter! I love to see what the community thinks of my creations, and your feedback will be taken into consideration in future maps!

Thanks for all of your support, and I hope you guys enjoy my debut map!


Map by NeoMc
Builds by dennisbuilds
Supports 1+ Players

Additional Credits

Brozziest, MiahLani, Zoeth, Theanonymousrory, and Jodru for body-acting in the trailer