About NeoMc

How's it going?
My name is Michael and I am a 23-year-old college graduate with a degree in Information Technology. I'm a passionate gamer and a creative mind that enjoys designing custom games and experiences for my audience! While at the moment I make Minecraft maps, I do have plans to eventually work on my own game!


I started playing Pokemon LeafGreen when I was in Elementary school, starting my love for video games. My first gaming device was a Nintendo Gameboy Advance, which eventually died a terrible death as it was dropped into a toilet (where the audio broke). Actually, my parents convinced me to donate it to charity.

I started playing Minecraft back in middle school when my friend Zoeth convinced me to buy the game in 2011. At the time my parents only had one computer, so they forced me to share my account with my brothers! Later on I got into redstone when SethBling went viral for making crazy creations, and I told myself I wanted to design games just like he could. In late 2014 I released my first "mechanical" map Hangman, which is currently the fourth most popular game map of all time (according to MinecraftMaps).

Between 2016 and 2019, I worked on a project team working for a large group of content creators on YouTube. During this time I served as a "creative lead" and "game design backend dev," designing hundreds of custom minigames and assisting the build team with specifics to tie the game in. I worked with a team lead (Kehaan) and a group of passionate and talented builders such as Brozziest, Marjho and McTsts of Team Vertex, and some others who came and went.


I completed Elementary, Middle, and High School with very high grades (3.8 GPA). I received multiple distinctions from my graduation ceremonies including perfect attendence (middle and high school) and a character award.

I was accepted into the University of Central Florida in 2016, where I went on to study Information Technology. I graduated in December of 2019 with a 3.4 GPA (Physics is a tough subject). Currently I am searching for a job, but times have been difficult due to America's response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the enforced government shutdown. I have been close to a job several times between August and December, but so far no dice.


I've played tons of different games over the years, with some of my favorites being Pokemon (Black/White, Sword/Shield), Overwatch, Fall Guys, GTAV (Online), Slime Rancher, TABS, and Minecraft of course! I also still have that low-key dream of being a voice actor for a game, like imagine if I voiced one of the new heroes in Overwatch 2! I think I'd pass out if I ever got an offer like that!


I love music. Over the years I've followed different kinds of music ranging from EDM to pop. Some of my favorite artists include David Guetta, Owl City, Electronomia, for King and Country, TobyMac, Chris Tomlin, Panic at the Disco, NEEDTOBREATHE, Danny Gokey, Michael W Smith, MercyMe, GAWVI, Hillsong (Young and Free), and Switch (Church). I've considered learning to write music as well (and produce vocals), so if you have any tips I'd love to hear them.