"Welcome to the most explosive battle royale you will ever play!"

You have never played a game of Fortnite like this before! Land anywhere on the map, loot for explosives, and brawl against up to 15 other players! Use your wide assortment of explosive items to tear apart the map and DESTROY EVERYTHING, but be careful of the incoming storm! Last player left standing wins the game!

Boomblocks features an entire CUSTOM map to destroy! Check out the beautiful Greek Gardens, get lost in a maze-ridden temple in Perilous Pyramids, or enjoy a day at the circus in Crazy Carnival! Each location features custom places to explore and lots of chests to be looted!

Once the storm closes in, get ready for a final battle filled with stress! Dodge explosive projectiles and launch yourself around with Grapplers and Shockwave Grenades to stay ahead of the gunfire! Spleef your opponents or hit them in the face with a Clinger to win the game; the choice is yours!

Tweet me pictures of your experience @ Twitter, I love seeing how the community enjoys my creations!

If you enjoyed the map, be sure to use my creator code "neomc" in the item shop to support future creations!


I appreciate all the support!


Map by NeoMc
Supports 2+ Players (4+ Recommended)

Additional Credits

Special thanks to KeigenP716, Noah, ItzMonklee, CrookedAce55, BenYork36, TFF_Percy, GoofyGooberGang, MetaHexYT, joeya100, ReigioGaming, LookADork, samurott10, Nova Ways, In10sity, Titus49, and Hayden1015809 of the SSundee Discord Server for help constructing the map!

Additional thanks to the YT Members of the SSundee Discord Server for final betatesting (and deciding the boom bow was too unfair)!