Blast Off

"Send your opponents down into the spikey depths of... pain."

Prepare for a knockback battle of EPIC proportions! Collect impulse and shockwave grenades from around the map and use them to send your opponents flying off the map into the spikey pit below! You can 1v1 your favorite friend, or invite 15 of your dearest friends into the most chaotic game of Smash Bros ever invented! The possibilities are limitless!

Based on the classic map "Blast Off" designed by myself (Minecraft Realms accepted), this Fortnite recreation features a faithful new take on the classic map everyone loved! When the round starts, players will bounce down from their protected spawn rooms and start collecting grenades from the 16 spawners placed all around the map. The winner is the player with the greatest kills to deaths ratio when time runs out (kills - deaths)!

Be sure to have fun while playing! A little competition may be nice, but please be sure to have a good time! I've done my job as a mapmaker if you smile or laugh at least once during your experience! :)

If you enjoy this map, be sure to let me know on my social media(s) such as Twitter! I love to see what the community thinks of my creations, and your feedback will be taken into consideration in future maps!

I would be honored if you would consider me as your Fortnite Creator! Use code "NeoMc" in the shop to support me!


Thanks as always guys, and I hope you enjoy my first Fortnite map!


Map by NeoMc
Supports 2+ Players (4+ Recommended)

Additional Credits

Brozziest - Player spawn troubleshooting and map testing YouTube Twitter