Frequently Asked Questions

Q: "How old are you?"

A: I am currently 20 years old. I was born on April 18th, 1998.

Q: "Where do you live?"

A: I live on the east coast of the United States. Due to privacy, I do not intend to release my location.

Q: "Where do you go to college?"

A: Answering that would reveal my location, which I do not intend to do.

Q: "What is your real name?"

A: Same answer as above. I don't wish to say to protect my own security.

Q: "How did you meet SSundee, Crainer, Kehaan, etc.?"

A: I was invited by Crainer alongside the talented EpicElite3 to work on improving the creativity of CrundeeCraft trolls. Since then I was invited to partake in development efforts for Lucky Block games, created Murder Run, and much more!

Q: "Do your maps support bedrock?"

A: The maps designated to support Bedrock do. Otherwise, the ones labled as Java are for the PC edition.

Q: "Can I friend you on Discord?"

A: Due to privacy concerns, I do not use Discord friends for anything besides DMs with people I trust. I have heard rumors of IP hacking on Discord and I don't want my location public.

Q: "I want to talk to you about business, how do I do that?"

A: You can scroll to the business email in the footer and shoot me an email there. If the business does not pertain to me (ex: sending me mail about other people) it will be ignored.

Q: "What do you record with?"

A: I use ShadowPlay (by Nvidia) for screen capture and OBS for webcam. I then assemble the footage using vocal cues in Sony Vegas 14 and upload it in 1080p 60fps.

Q: "What are your computer specs?"

A: I started with an HP Pavillion tower build and tweaked things. I have a Nvidia 1070 graphics card, Intel i7-4770 CPU (3.4 GHz), and 16GB of RAM in total. I also installed a new power supply, Corsair brand 650w.

Q: "What microphone is that?"

A: I use an AT2035. It is wired into a Pod UX2 which can be used for mixing. I recommend just settling with a simple AT2020 USB mic, it does the job about the same.

Q: "How can I learn commands and make maps?"

A: Mapmaking is a very long and complicated process. I have considered writing a short book on it and publishing it online, but for the moment all I can say is to learn your command arsenal and practice your skills on maps of your choice.

Q: "Can you teach me how to make maps? Could you help me with this map?"

A: I am a full-time college student. Free-time is fairly scarce these days. I recommend you look elsewhere for help.

Q: "How do I play your Multiplayer maps?"

A: Some of them are offered on my network NeoGames! Otherwise you can buy a Minecraft Realm, pay for a third party server, use your own router, or borrow one from a third party source like Aternos for free.