Frequently Asked Questions

Q: "How old are you?"

A: I am currently 21 years old. I was born on April 18th, 1998.

Q: "Where do you live?"

A: I live on the east coast of the United States in the sunny state of Florida!

Q: "What college did you graduate from."

A: I am a proud alumni of the University of Central Florida!

Q: "What is your real name?"

A: This I do not intend to release as I don't believe I need to. My first name is Michael though... Fairly common name XD

Q: "How did you meet SSundee, Crainer, Kehaan, etc.?"

A: I was invited by Crainer alongside the talented EpicElite3 to work on improving the creativity of CrundeeCraft trolls.

Q: "Why do you no longer work for SSundee/Crainer?"

A: Ian moved to Fortnite as his first game, and I never found the game fun or interesting. I walked across hot coals for a year trying to get good at the game, but in the end I decided I didn't care that much about it. We were never close enough to call each other "friends," more like "business partners." We also had a couple minor disagreements over a couple things, and decided we should split. I have no ill-feelings and wish him and his family only the best. Crainer also seems to have done the same, he now works with a group of kind and hard-working people who live in his time-zone to produce content.

Q: "Do your maps support bedrock?"

A: The maps designated to support Bedrock do. Otherwise, the ones labled as Java are for the PC edition.

Q: "Can I friend you on Discord?"

A: Due to privacy concerns, I do not use Discord friends for anything besides DMs with people I trust. I have heard rumors of IP hacking on Discord and I don't want my location public.

Q: "I want to talk to you about business, how do I do that?"

A: You can check the Other dropdown and select "Business Contact" from it. If the business does not pertain to me (ex: sending me mail about other people) it will be ignored.

Q: "What do you record with?"

A: I use ShadowPlay (by Nvidia) for screen capture and OBS for webcam. I then assemble the footage using vocal cues in Sony Vegas 15 and upload it in 1080p 60fps.

Q: "What are your computer specs?"

A: I started with an HP Pavillion tower build and tweaked things. I have a Nvidia 1070 graphics card, Intel i7-4770 CPU (3.4 GHz), and 16GB of RAM in total. I also installed a new power supply, Corsair brand 650w.

Q: "What microphone is that?"

A: I use an AT2035. It is wired into a Pod UX2 which can be used for mixing. I recommend just settling with a simple AT2020 USB mic, it does the job about the same.

Q: "How can I learn commands and make maps?"

A: Mapmaking is a very long and complicated process. I have considered writing a short book on it and publishing it online, but for the moment all I can say is to learn your command arsenal and practice your skills on maps of your choice. YouTube is also an excellent resource, and so are the dozens of Minecraft help Discords.

Q: "Can you teach me how to make maps? Could you help me with this map?"

A: I am currently looking for full-time employment. "Free time" won't exist soon. Feel free to ask questions in my Discord,

Q: "How do I play your Multiplayer maps?"

A: You can buy a Minecraft Realm, pay for a third party server like Nodecraft, use your own router, or borrow one from a third party source like Aternos for free.

Q: "Why did you move to paid maps on the Marketplace?"

A: I understand how unpopular the Marketplace can be to the average player. But the issue is, I am a 21 year-old looking for full-time employment so I can earn a living. Any extra money I can acquire in the next couple of years can help go towards huge investments such as my own house (which I really want to try to go for between 2022 and 2023)! I understand the maps cost money, but the $3 to $5 you spend are going towards people like me who are passionate about releasing fun and unique content to give you a good time! Regardless, I will be releasing Demo versions of my maps on my website for free. The Demo editions will be feature-locked, only allowing you to play the default game with no customizations and only one play map. If you enjoy the Demo edition and want the extra features, I would appreciate the support. Otherwise, another free map (but with no features)!