Pumpkin Catapult


"Fling flaming pumpkins of exploding death at entities!"

This is a silly Autumn idea I came up with. In a nutshell, it acts like a defensive tower (similar to an Iron Golem) in that it savagely flings exploding pumpkin bombs at enemy entities. It does not fire at players, armorstands, item frames, and a few other misc entities. The device tends to be very explosive!

To craft this evil thing, drop one stick, one log, one diamond, and one pumpkin on the ground. If you wish to remove this explosive device, throw a diamond at it.

Included in the world is a sand biome I developed the systems in as well as a "mushroom/forest" biome if you want to play around with it in a more practical situation. I find that having a normal vanilla world just creates too many entities, and the system begins to boggle under the weight of tracking so many entities.


Map by NeoMc
Play in Minecraft 1.10.2 | Supports Any # of Players

Additional Credits

Thanks to Onnowhere for helping me troubleshoot my detection method. He knows too much! YouTube

Thanks to MrGarretto for using his awesome model maker! Check it out on the site! Be sure to leave a star if you think it looks neat! Website

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