About Me


Rough start...

My friend Zoeth introduced me to a game by the name of Minecraft. I started playing for fun, but over time I began to enjoy making things. I played with a group of "friends" at the time (not Zoeth), and they bullied me quite a bit. "Don't touch that!" they would tell me. "It's too complicated for you." I was cast aside and demoralized by these individuals.

This went on until late high school, where I even had people making fun of me for running a YouTube channel to go with my work. "You are so dumb man, just give up. You aren't special."

I was depressed. I would go home and cry. I would lie in bed and ask God why I was given this life. I even considered ending it all.

Yet I held on. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. I knew that this would all lead to something. I knew someday things would make sense. Back when I was in 7th grade, I was given a vision. I went to bed one night crying to the sky for hope. I was a Peter. I needed to know I was being held. And I opened my eyes to something miraculous...

My vision...

I woke to golden light. Like the morning light, but a gold that even a color couldn't represent. I searched for the source of the light, yet my bedroom lights were all off. Finally my eyes saw the light.

Directly above me, I saw a perfect golden circle. The circle was made of golden light, and I felt warmth. It was a warmth I can't even describe, and I felt calm all of the sudden. Looking at me, his face made of golden light, was Jesus. He had a smile on his face, and his hair rustled in the morning breeze. He was standing in what I believed to be a field of golden wheat (also blowing in the breeze) with hills in the distance. I couldn't even fathom words, so I thought to him above a simple thought. "Are you with me?" I didn't even need a reply. The vision was my reply.

Many years have passed, but the memory has never left me. This isn't something I could make up if I wanted to. This was divine. Years later, my Mom mentioned to me a vision she had where Jesus comforted her by coming to her in a dream and telling her not to let the troubles of the Earth trouble her. A chill went down my spine when she said he was in a field of golden wheat. I told her my vision, and she was shocked. "Wow." was all she could say. Words didn't need to be said. We had both been shown glimpses of heaven.


I decided that these emotions I had felt in high school were things I never wanted people to ever feel. Depression. Hopelessness. Feeling Alone. Absense of Joy. I decided that I would choose joy. I began making Minecraft maps because I wanted to create things. I wanted to create experiences to change people's lives and to spread joy however I could. I dedicated my Minecraft efforts to changing lives in any way I could.

I started making maps and publishing them to the community. At first, I skipped over the redstone because I thought it was too hard. I listened to the voices saying I couldn't do it. But one day, I sat down and said "I want to learn." YouTubers such as Sethbling began to give me inspiration. I wanted to make things just like them. And so I did.

Eventually I managed to create a map by the name of 'Hangman.' It seemed quite simple at first, but YouTube didn't seem to think that. The map has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times and been featured by dozens of YouTubers such as SSundee, Crainer, JeromeASF, BajanCanadian, LDShadowLady, The Yogscast, Little Kelly, Vikkstar, Jerry and Harry, JoeyGraceffa, and Lachlan (and loads more). I realized that I had discovered real talent in creating games for the community, and since then I have continued to create maps.

"A chance to spread creativity..."

Chunk Runner

In early March 2016, I was brought on-board to the CrundeeCraft team alongside the talented EpicElite3 to work on more complicated trolls for the famous duo SSundee and Crainer! Together, Epic and I designed a number of memorable pranks! Since then, I have helped with minor "Behind the Scenes" work in series such as "Lucky Blocks," "Head Hunters," and "Murder."

"Taking my work to the top..."

In April, I accomplished something I never thought possible. One of my concept maps, Chunk Runner, successfully qualified and was released on Mojang's "Minecraft Realms" servers. This was an amazing achievement that would never have happened without your support! And in early July, Blast Off was accepted as well!

"Bedrock solid!"

I am now an official Minecraft Partner! After a year of waiting, my first product is ready to drop! I am incredibly thankful to all of the people who have helped me to get to where I am, and the people who have stayed by my side though thick and thin.

"Neo IRL..."

I am currently 20 and attending a very good college for Information Technology. I do not know what I want to do with my major yet, but I hope to find out soon! I do part-time YouTube, part-time map development, and full-time college! XD

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