About Me


"In 2013, it all started..."

My friend Zoeth introduced me to a game by the name of Minecraft. I started playing for fun, but over time I began to enjoy making things. While I never was really treated fair by the others, Zoeth always goofed off with me and we had loads of fun!

I was inspired by SethBling to start working on Redstone maps. I made a few maps under the old alias of "LuckyG" that really reeked! But finally I hit the mark with a "recreation" of Ninja Warrior in Minecraft! The map was nothing special, but it was the first time I made a map that I was proud of!

Sometime in mid-2014 I released a map by the name of "Hangman." I thought it was a relatively simple concept based on a simple game, but YouTube didn't think that. To date, the map has generated millions of views of traffic and an estimated 400k downloads in total, making Hangman my most popular map (and one of the most popular game maps of all time according to minecraftmaps.com)!

"A chance to spread creativity..."

Chunk Runner

In early March 2016, I was brought on-board to the CrundeeCraft team alongside the talented EpicElite3 to work on more complicated trolls for the famous duo SSundee and Crainer! Together, Epic and I designed a number of memorable pranks! Since then, I have helped with minor "Behind the Scenes" work in series such as "Lucky Blocks," "Head Hunters," and "Murder."

"Taking my work to the top..."

In April, I accomplished something I never thought possible. One of my concept maps, Chunk Runner, successfully qualified and was released on Mojang's "Minecraft Realms" servers. This was an amazing achievement that would never have happened without your support! And in early July, Blast Off was accepted as well!

"Bedrock solid!"

I am now an official Minecraft Partner! What does this mean you might ask? Means I have some maps on the way for you console/Windows 10 players! ;)

"Neo IRL..."

I am currently 20 and attending a very good college for Information Technology. I do not know what I want to do with my major yet, but I hope to find out soon! I do part-time YouTube, part-time map development, and full-time college! XD

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